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Update on Occupant.

Sometime last week, I e-mailed people associated with Van Hansis' new movie, Occupant.

This morning I received the following response, and I thought I'd share it with everyone.
    Hi [name redacted],

    Thank you for all your help promoting Occupant! We just finished editing Occupant and are in the process selling the film to a distributor who will then put the movie into theatres. The more of an interest and fan base we can show for Van and for Occupant, the sooner we can get the film in theaters!

    One of the key ways to do this is to show a following on Twitter and Facebook. But the most important statistic we can show is the number of "hits" on our official website...www.occupantmovie.com.

    So we need your help!!! Please encourage all Van fans and friends of yours to check out our website and view our new trailer.

    And then we have one other help request:

    One of Van's big fans is Perez Hilton. Would you tweet him about Occupant and Van and direct him to our website?

    As you probably know, Perez has such a big following, if he is interested in Van and our film, he can help drive traffic to our website.

    Thanks again [name redacted] and keep spreading the word about Occupant!!!!
    We will keep you posted on all developments!

    Susan Dickey MacArthur
    Producer, Occupant Films LLC

So please visit the official Occupant website if you haven't yet, and watch the new trailer.

Other relevant links:

Occupant on Twitter
Occupant on Facebook

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